Diesel Power Plant Working

What is Diesel Power Plant :

For generating electrical power, it is essential to rotate the rotor of an alternator by means of a prime mover. When prime mover of the alternators is diesel engine, the power station is called diesel power station.

Picture 1. Diesel Power Plant

Working Of The Diesel Power Plant:

The main principle observed in the diesel engine is the thermal energy it must be converted in to the mechanical energy and further the mechanical energy must be converted in to the electrical energy. The main purpose is to develop electricity with the help of the alternator or generator.

Advantages of diesel power plant:

  • Capital cost is low
  • The design of the plant is easy and installation process is also easy.
  • In standard capacities it is easily available.
  • Without facing any difficulties they respond to the changed load.
  • There are smaller amount replacement losses.
  • It occupies less space
  • They can be opened and stopped very quickly.
  • Requirement of cooling water is less.
  • Operating must be less
  • For super vising staff is required
  • At the time of conservation they convert the fuel into power.
  • Part loads efficiency are higher
  • Less members of engineers are required
  • Near the load center plants are located
  • We cannot absorb the ash handling problems
  • Lubrication system must be easy

Disadvantages of Diesel power plant:

  • Operating cost must be high
  • Lubrication cost and maintenance cost is also high
  • Capacity is restricted
  • Big size is not available
  • Sound pollution is noticed
  • Overload is not possible
  • Released unwanted emissions
  • The life time is 7 to 10 years
  • Life span must be 25 to 45 years
  • For every 10 years the life is decreased by 10 %
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