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PT. BMJ History

PT. Berkat Manunggal Jaya ( BMJ ) is a company with years of experience in Power Generation Business. BMJ’s own brand generating sets, popularly known as BMGS have successfully been playing a significant role in the supply electrical energy in the country. BMJ has sold more than 3,000 units of Mitsubishi – S16R-PTA – SR series. Using original Mitsubishi engines, BMGS and MGS sets are rigid, compact yet powerful, with a wide range of power lineup starting from High Speed Small Series (4 to 6 Cylinders), High Speed Big Series (6 to 16 Cylinders), to Low and Medium Speed Series (6 to 18 Cylinders), either using diesel, Gas, MFO or HFO. The products are also fully supported by highly qualified technicians from the Product Support Division. BMGS and MGS sets provide solution to the need of the customers. Combining the wide range of high quality products with the long experience in serving IPP Projects, the company has also taken steps to join the next phase of power solution provider, not only for Indonesia but for the global market as well.

In 1987, started from a small town of Juwana, Central Java,  Mr. Agus Budiharto the founder of BMJ, started his generating set business as a hobby of coupling Mitsubishi 6-D22 engines to produce 60 kVA and 150 kVa generating sets. It is only with his integrity, hard work, understanding, and discipline that has eventually transformed the Company to its current size.



As the experience improved, in 1995 he got an opportunity to use MTU Friedrichshafen engine  to generate electricity and it was the year when CV. Berkat Manunggal Jaya (CV. BMJ) was established. This momentum was mutually maintained by both parties that eventually led to an even closer business relationship.

In 1997,Started the business relationship with MTU, CV. BMJ received the OEM License from MTU and began to sell 20 units generating sets annually. They have completed the financial year 2001 with growth rate of almost 1000% and at the moment look promising in 2002.

In 2000, PT Berkat Manunggal Jaya has a affiliated company with PT Berkat Manunggal Energi (PT BME) was estabilished in the beginning of year 2000 with the line of business is in the power generation supplies plus full project planning, instalation work, testing commisioning and operation maintenance services.

As a affiliated company with PT Berkat Manunggal Jaya, The Exclusive Distributor of Mitsubishi Diesel Engine in Indonesia. We are focusing to enhance the generating set market with our own Mitsubishi Diesel Generator Set for all sectors such as : Building Services, Industries, Petroleum, Mining, Agriculture, Fishery, Power Plant and Telecomunication sectors.

In 2002,  CV. BMJ changed the status to PT. Berkat Manunggal Jaya (BMJ). Being one of the Indonesian leading companies, BMJ team once earned the honorable “Citation of Award” from MTU – Friedrichshafen as the best sales growing company in Asia Pasific Region back in 2002. Then after receiving the Exclusive Distributor of Mitubishi Engines and MGS Generator Sets for Indonesia in 2003, BMJ has been wholeheartedly focusing on this brand which later earned them The MGS Top Sales Word Wide Award from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. For some consecutive three years, 2010 – 2012, BMJ won the MGS Top Worldwide Sales Award from MHI Japan. In 2003, BMJ were granted as the sole distributor of Mitsubishi engines in Indonesia.

In 2010, BMJ started the first EPC Project (called Tallasa Project) using Medium Speed Diesel engine SULZER 16 ZAV 40S  with total output capacity of 11,5 MW x 12 units. In the following years, BMJ have another Project in Belawan with total output capacity of 170 MW. Two years later, BMJ built a workshop that capable to package generator set with output capacity up to 8 MW.

In 2015, BMJ’s warehouse enter the Bonded Area and acquire the import and export license.

For four consecutive years in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2013 BMJ achieved the MGS Top Dealer Sales World Wide Award from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Japan. In 2016, BMJ achieved MGS Top Dealer Sales Award from MHI Japan.

In 2017, BMJ build project for 11,4 MW in Rengat North Sumatera, 147 units of BMGS 1740 for Telkom Infra project in Kalimantan and Sulawesi and also Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit project with  total output 5,28 MW.



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