After Sales Support

 Our Spare Part

BMJ has a long tradition to put the matter of After Sales Support as a very important things. To Build on a solid foundation the availability of trained and Experienced mechanics and electrician as well as spare parts is a must. To reach those benchmarking BMJ has take a strategy to handle after sales matters :

  • Over than 6000 parts item as the inventory
  • Continuing improvement and refreshment training for it’s Technician
  • Improving and reviewing special tools
  • In a close relationship working together with MHI Engineering System Indonesia and MHI Engineering System Asia to support customer needs

 Our Services

To give full support, especially to customers who work in some remote area, BMJ has conducted continuable Maintenance and Troubleshooting for technician.

Certificate of Gas Engine Maintenance Training



  Our Operation & Maintenance (O&M)


Operation & Maintenance (O&M) contracts cover all aspects and activities necessary to run your power plant in a safe and most economical manner. An O&M agreement will help you minimize your risks and maximize your profit. BMJ offer O&M expertise and extensive O&M experience at the same time. Consequently our O&M clients will benefit from the most extensive warranties regarding power plant performance.

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